Hinrik D. Bjarnason

The guitar is the most popular and widely played instrument in the world.

Whatever your musical preferences, you can play anything with a guitar whether Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock or Pop, Classical or Heavy Metal.

And the guitar can be said to be the instrument of the people, taking the listener on an exciting, inspirational journey ...

Hinrik D. Bjarnason

began playing the guitar at the age of 14. He studied classical guitar in Sweden and Aachen and attended masterclasses i.a. with Julian Bream (England), David Russell (Scotland/Spain), Roberto Aussel (Argentina) and Jose Tomas (Spain).

Today he not only performs at classical concerts but has a diversity of programmes to suit a wide variety of events.

Taking as his motto "Around the World" he captures the many different cultural and musical styles using his various guitars, ranging from the classical concert guitar, Spanish guitar and electric rock guitar to the ukelele.

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